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First post

I have finally done it.

I created… a blog.

I know, I know, everyone else and their dog has a blog, so why waste time yammering on about it? I mean, this is 2010, so it’s almost embarrassing to admit that I am just now, finally, and actually blogging.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), this blog will not be dedicated to various cute kittens or lolcats, nor will there be any sign of knitting needles or sewing of any kind.

I am a geek. So this blog will have all kinds of geeky and confusing topics, for example:

Why does gdb not support reverse debugging of MMX type instructions (used by memset, strncat, etc), thereby rendering the feature pointless for nontrivial programs?

Why does the windows command line not support basic utilities such as the Unix “tee” command? And why does powershell (which fixes some of the brokenness of cmd.exe) require the latest service pack?

Why does the Linux kernel change the block driver APIs with every kernel release? And why isn’t anyone working on LDD4?

And last but not least…

Why does everyone facebook?



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