This blog contains the rambling thoughts of an auspicious and aspiring coder; these pages contain everything from my thoughts about the state of technology to rants about hamsters and state of the union addresses.

My personal mantra is “born to code, hooked on Linux” and that pretty much says everything about me.

I picked the username “attosecond” because it’s a very nifty sounding word, and a very small fraction of a second. In Wikipedia’s words:

attosecond – the time it takes for light to travel the length of three hydrogen atoms.

And last but not least – I chose the name “sigtrap” for this blog, because I use the trap signal all the time when debugging code. Quoting again from Wikipedia:

On POSIX-compliant platforms, SIGTRAP is the signal sent to a process when a condition arises that a debugger has requested to be informed of. In source code, SIGTRAP is a symbolic constant defined in the header file. Signal names are used n the header file signal.h. Signal names are used in the header file. Signal names are used instead of bare numbers because signal numbers can vary across platforms.

In practice, all that’s required to cause a sigtrap (hence stopping your program at the precise point you want to debug it) is the following line of C code:

asm("int $3");

And that is, in its own unique way, a thing of beauty: simple, clean, and powerful.

So I dedicate this blog to all the simple, clean, and beautiful things in my life: my amazing wife, adorable children, the beauty of nature, and simple, clean code.

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