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Joel on Software

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m sitting at the Garden Court hotel in Palo Alto, California where there are no less than three bubbling fountains within earshot. I’m seated in an open-air courtyard (see photos below) where I’m impatiently waiting for 3:00 to roll around.

Joel Spolsky of “Joel on Software” fame is doing a world tour to pitch FogBugz and Kiln. I’m not familiar with FogBugz (been a JIRA/Crucible user for a while) but I’m mildly excited about hearing about FogBugz, especially if he demos Evidence Based Scheduling. Kiln, well, yes I am very curious to find out more about what they’ve done to Mercurial especially with the recount announcement that Atlassian purchased BitBucket. I’ve been wondering for years why people spend so much time worrying about revision control tools and forget about the whole rest of the stack – GitHub is a perfect example of going beyond just revision control to include the whole change flow from code to bugs to review and so on.

So yes, I’m excited to learn more about Kiln… But the real reason I’m here is Joel.

It’s silly I know, but I’ve been following Joel’s blog for a number of years now and I’m sad that he’s stopped. I’m sure that after 10 years of blogging he’s on to new and better things – but Joel has always stood out in my mind as someone who makes things happen, someone who makes a difference. Am I personally a better developer because of Joel’s ramblings? Maybe, hard to prove. But he made me think new thoughts and helped me to see the world in a slightly different light, see things from another perspective. Do I agree with his thinking that .NET is awesome and Open source is pointless/misguided? Not in the slightest. But I am excited to finally meet the man who challenged my way of thinking and ultimately made me a better person through his long and analogy-ridden blog posts.

Well it’s getting close to the event, so I’m going to go join in the fun.




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